Main areas of our business activity What we do?

We make your business life easier.

Our company designs custom-made software. We specialize in developing web applications, management systems and native mobile apps.

We help to promote your company’s positive image over the Internet and extend sales ranges by developing unique, advanced websites and online stores.

Main areas of our business activity

Web apps

Web applications constitute the majority of our projects. On everyday basis, we build CRM and ERP systems that often take the form of progressive web apps. Our solutions are widely appreciated in various types of businesses, as they help to automatize numerous processes.

When it comes to web apps – for us, impossible is nothing!

Main areas of our business activity

Mobile apps

We also develop native mobile apps, for both Android and iOS systems. Our company uses the latest and the most efficient technologies available on the market.

You came up with an innovative business idea? We’re here for you!

Main areas of our business activity


We enjoy creating websites, because they let our imagination run wild. Our projects are always innovative, light and stylish, and they always reflect the essence of the company they represent. A good website is also an essential sales support tool.

For us it’s always mobile first!

Main areas of our business activity

Online stores

Do you know that almost X million of Europeans do shopping online and that only last year they spent overX million euros on the Internet?* We’re proud that we have our share in it. We know e-commerce inside out and we work on our own selling platform.

Open your online store with us!

What can we do for you Benefits for your business

What we like the most about our products is the fact that the capital invested in them returns to our clients very quickly. Do you know how much does an hour of your employee’s office work cost? Or how could your company’s sales increase, if your offer was seen by a few times bigger number of potential clients? If not – you’ll find out with us!

Thanks to a wide range of various features, our solutions make it possible to limit costs or increase revenues. In fact, very often they do both at the same time.

A lot of small and medium enterprises base their documentation on Excel and Word and complements it with documents on paper. In effect, a big part of office work in such companies consists in manual rewriting the data from one place to another, or in looking for documents, either on a drive, or on a desk. Such activities are not only time consuming, but also error prone.

Our apps aim for maximum automatization and they decrease the amount of manual data input to a minimum.

Introducing a management system to your company will undoubtedly bring savings in terms of working time. Extra hours available for you or your employees may bring amazing results. Can you imagine what your sales reps could do if they didn’t have to fill in sales reports for a few hours a week? Or how would the organization of work in your company improve, if your manager could assign new tasks to the other members of your team instead of… Wait, what exactly does your manager do most of the time?

Our solutions make it possible to reduce the time of office work by even 80%!

Now both your employees and you have much less of office work, and the spare time may be devoted to more effective and profitable activities. All documents - electronic and in paper – are located in one place, which is your new management system. You can access it using a web browser, both on your phone and your computer.

Thanks to our apps you can supervise the entire work process of your company anytime, anywhere!

We’re sure you know how much money your company makes. But do you know how much exactly it earned during last week, or during the last ten days? Do you know which employee of yours is the most efficient, and which clients bring you the biggest profits? All this data is available for you with just a click in our system. You may see it on a bar chart, pie graph, or any other form that you like. What’s more, you can analyze the data in a form of a report that you may download in a PDF file or print out directly from the system.

Trust the numbers in our systems. They don’t lie.

All the administrative and management matters have been solved. Thanks to the system we deployed in your company, you gained extra free time, you earn more money and last but not least, you have a peaceful mind. Isn’t it the perfect moment to take care of your company’s visual identification?

The website that we’re going to create for you will improve the image of your company, increase its recognizability and get you a lot of new clients. And all of this in a budget that equals one or two salaries of your single sales representative!

A website that is well optimized in terms of SEO may bring you a lot of clients. But you can take one step forward and let us build an online store integrated with e-commerce payment systems, delivery companies and a wide range of other modules that will make your products and services sell on their own.

Open your own online store that will move your local business into unlimited virtual space!


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